(June 2021) Our ISLS paper was nominated for Best Design Paper!

(April 2021) Our paper on anticipatory diagrammatic self-explanation has been accepted to CogSci 2021! Preprint.

(April 2021) We will be at ED Games Expo! Here’s our entry.

(Dec 2020) Our work on worked examples has been accepted to the SRCD conference!

(Dec 2020) Won the Fred Mulder Open Education Practice Award!

(Nov 2020) Gave a talk at Keio Univ.

(Nov 2020) Won an AECT award!

(Nov 2020) Presented at OpenEd20

(Oct 2020) Made a tape diagram template (available under CC-BY-NC)

(Aug 2020) Gave a talk at ICU

Re-thinking classroom studies during a pandemic

From Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms? How has the change affected students in terms of their emotional and engagement aspects? How do teachers cope with the drastic change to the new classroom environment? In this project, we are qualitatively asking these questions and exploring how “participating in classroom studies” can potentially benefit teachers and students during and after a pandemic. More information coming soon!