(July 2022) I successfully defended my dissertation with no required revisions!

(Nov 2021) Proposed my Ph.D. dissertation and I’m on the job market!!

(June 2021) Our ISLS paper was nominated for Best Design Paper!

(April 2021) We will be at ED Games Expo! Here’s our entry.

(Dec 2020) Won the Fred Mulder Open Education Practice Award!

(Nov 2020) Gave a talk at Keio Univ.

(Nov 2020) Won an AECT award!

(Nov 2020) Presented at OpenEd20

(Oct 2020) Made a tape diagram template (available under CC-BY-NC)


Co-designing Adaptive Learning Technologies

I work with educators and students to co-design instruction, learning activities, and digital technologies (e.g., AI-based tutoring software) and bring them to authentic teaching and learning settings to better understand how humans learn and how we can better support human learning.

Diagrammatic self-explanation
Engaging tutor learning experience
Pedagogical Affordance Analysis
Anticipatory diagrammatic self-explanation
Visualizing students' errors in algebra with diagrams
Rethinking classroom studies during a pandemic
Adding flexibility in AI-based educational software

Design of Learning Analytics Tools

I design and evaluate visualization tools to support teaching and learning with stakeholders.

Student-facing learning dashboard with contextual information
Dashboard for supporting teaching in MOOC

Open Educational Resources (OER)

I work with policy researchers, education researchers, and practitioners to develop policies, strategies, and materials that promote equal access to education.

Global Open Policy Report
Research, Advocacy, Consulting on OER