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(July 2022) I successfully defended my dissertation with no required revisions!

(Nov 2021) Proposed my Ph.D. dissertation and I’m on the job market!!

(June 2021) Our ISLS paper was nominated for Best Design Paper!

(April 2021) We will be at ED Games Expo! Here’s our entry.

(Dec 2020) Won the Fred Mulder Open Education Practice Award!

(Nov 2020) Gave a talk at Keio Univ.

(Nov 2020) Won an AECT award!

(Nov 2020) Presented at OpenEd20

(Oct 2020) Made a tape diagram template (available under CC-BY-NC)

Engaging tutor learning experience


Learning with educational software such as Intelligent Tutoring Systems can be boring (despite their demonstrated effectiveness). This project aims to address this issue by designing and evaluating a novel form of interaction for solving middle-school algebra problems. Working with two design and development interns, John Britti (Georgia Tech) and Xiran Wang (CMU), we have designed the drag-and-drop equation solving ITS and have tested the effectiveness of the software on student learning of algebra concepts, equation solving skills, and student engagement/motivation. We have been using data and teachers’ feedback to further re-design the interface and the model used.

Relevant paper

  • Nagashima, T., Britti, J., Wang, X., Zheng, B., Turri, V., Tseng, S., & Aleven, V. (2022).
    Supporting engaging and effective algebra learning with gamified intelligent tutoring software. In
    Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL2022). [paper]